"Playing alongside another child is the first step toward making friends." - Chrystie Tzugaris

Chrystie Tzugaris

Chrystie Tzugaris - State Lic #430755192
After her graduation from Fresno State University, Chrystie taught in the California Public School System for 10 years. In 1980, she completed her Association Montessori International (A.M.I.) teacher training. After teaching in the field for 10 years, she opened her own Montessori pre-school. The first class was fall semester, 1989.

Shawn Felsch

Shawn Felsch - State Lic #430758190
After working for several years in the high-tech field, Shawn joined her mother as an assistant teacher. She enjoyed the opportunity of interacting with the children so much that she decided to enter the field full-time. She received her Montessori training through American Montessori Society (A.M.S.) in 1991 and has been a full time teacher ever since.

The mother / daughter duo have enjoyed the opportunity to teach and watch youngsters graduate from preschool to public school year after year.